5 Easy Steps to a Squeaky Clean Mirror Every Time

Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose is the dirtiest of them all? Not yours, once you read our quick tips on how to keep your mirror sparkling clean every time.  


Step 1: Prepare Cleaning Equipment

  • Microfiber / Dust Cloth: These cloths are made of tightly bound microfibers so that they don’t leave behind lint or dust. That makes them perfect for cleaning glass and mirrors.
  • An Old Toothbrush: A neat tool to get rid of dust in hard to reach corners!
  • Cleaning Solution: Choose between a store-bought glass cleaner, or opt for a homemade natural cleaning solution - simply mix equal parts water and vinegar and pour the contents into a spray bottle.  


  • Squeegee: A tool with a flat, smooth rubber blade which is a great tool to help remove solution traces on your mirror, or any flat surface.
  • Rubbing Alcohol & Cotton Pads: To remove stubborn stains like dried up toothpaste splatter, fingerprint marks and other unwanted substances.


Step 2: Remove Dust

Before you clean any surface, be it glass or wood, the first step is to remove dust. This includes corners which can be cleaned with an old toothbrush.


Step 3: Remove Stains

To avoid streaking, it is essential that you remove the stains before cleaning the mirror. Scan your mirror for stains and remove them with your solution and microfiber cloth.  

For more stubborn stains, soak a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar and rub directly onto the stain.


Step 4: Mirror Wipe Down

Spray your mirror with your cleaning solution and wipe down the glass in a circular or ‘S’ motion to minimise streaking.

Optional: To remove any traces of sprayed solution, you can slide a squeegee top to bottom on the mirror then side to side.


Step 5 (Optional): Buffing

Finally, to get that professionally cleaned look, buff your mirror with a dry and clean microfiber cloth right after.