A Guide to Choosing the Perfect LED Mirror for Your Bathroom

The bathroom, often the starting point of our day and the haven of our nightly rituals, deserves to be illuminated in the best possible light. Enter the LED mirror—an ingenious fusion of functionality and style. In this guide, we'll explore the art of choosing the right LED mirror for your bathroom, considering not just the practicalities but also the aesthetics that contribute to a space that feels both functional and beautiful.

Don't forget to ensure your mirror is SAA approved, signifying compliance with Australian and New Zealand electrical standards. Let’s dive into this guide to simplify the process of selecting your smart mirror with our curated list of essential factors to consider.

1. Understanding Your Bathroom Space

Before diving into the myriad options available, take a moment to understand your bathroom space. Consider the size of your bathroom, the layout, and the existing decor. A large bathroom might benefit from a grand, statement LED mirror, while a smaller space may necessitate a more compact and streamlined design.

The size of your LED mirror should be proportionate to the size of your vanity or the wall where it will be mounted. Too small, and it may not provide adequate illumination; too large, and it might overpower the space. Measure the available wall space and the dimensions of your vanity to determine the ideal size for your LED mirror. Make sure the mirror does not overlap with power outlets, countertop trims or other fixtures.

Remer Sphere LED Mirror
Photo: Remer SPHERE LED Mirror 

2. Mirror Design

The shape and frame of your LED mirror plays a significant role in determining its overall aesthetic. Consider the existing decor of your bathroom—whether it's contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between.

Mirror Shape

When selecting an LED mirror for your bathroom, consider the shape that complements your aesthetic vision and enhances functionality.

A pill-shaped mirror offers a sleek and modern look, fitting well in contemporary settings. Round mirrors bring a sense of softness and balance, creating a timeless and harmonious atmosphere. Rectangular mirrors exude a classic and versatile appeal, ideal for maximising wall space and providing a clean-lined look. For a touch of uniqueness and elegance, an arch-shaped mirror adds architectural interest to your bathroom.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and the overall design theme, so let your style guide you in selecting the perfect shape to illuminate your bathroom space.

Frame Style

A framed LED mirror adds a decorative element to the mirror and can complement the bathroom décor, creating a cohesive and stylish look. It can be chosen to match the colour scheme or design theme and enhance the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. Whether it's a sleek and modern frameless design or a more traditional framed mirror, there are options to match various tastes.

Remer MIRO 750D LED MIrror

Photo: Remer MIRO 750D LED Mirror

3. LED Mirror Features

Backlit / Frontlit mirror

In a backlit mirror, the light source is positioned behind the mirror surface, achieved through LED strips or panels mounted on the backside of the mirror. Backlit mirrors provide a soft, diffused glow that illuminates the area around the mirror and adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

In a frontlit mirror, the light source is positioned in front of the mirror. This can be achieved through integrated lighting fixtures, such as LED strips, placed around the edges or perimeter of the mirror. Frontlit mirrors produce direct lighting that shines onto the face of the mirror. This creates a more pronounced and focused illumination on the mirror surface.

The choice between a backlit and frontlit mirror often depends on personal preferences, the desired aesthetic, and the intended use of the mirror. Both types of mirrors have their own unique characteristics and can contribute to the overall ambiance and functionality of a space.

Adjustable Colour Temperature

Different activities in the bathroom require different lighting. Consider your specific needs—whether it's bright, focused light for tasks like shaving or makeup application, or softer, ambient light for unwinding in the tub.

LED mirrors may come with customisable colour temperature options, including standard lighting, warm, cool or adjustable colour temperature. Cool white mimics daylight and is great for tasks, while warm white warmer creates a cozy atmosphere. With so many lighting options available, you can achieve your ideal ambiance to complement your grooming ritual.

Remer Adjustable Colour Temperature Scale


The ability to adjust the brightness of your LED mirror adds an extra layer of versatility to your bathroom lighting. Dimmable mirrors allow you to create different moods and adapt the lighting to various activities. Whether you're preparing for a relaxing soak in the tub or gearing up for a busy day, having control over the brightness level enhances the functionality of your LED mirror.


Bathroom mirrors are prone to fogging up due to steam from showers and baths. Some LED mirrors come with a demister feature. A bathroom demister typically consists of a thin heating pad or film that is applied to the back of the mirror. This heating element warms the mirror surface slightly, preventing condensation from forming and ensuring a clear reflection even in the steamiest conditions.

Touch Sensor

Remer LED Mirror Bluetooth

Effortlessly manage your LED mirror's features with touch sensor technology. With a simple touch of a button, you can easily adjust your mirror and lighting without the need for complicated controls.

Infrared Sensor

For added convenience, select styles offer a touchless infrared sensor option, allowing you to seamlessly control lighting and colour temperature with ease.

Bluetooth Speakers

Embrace the future with smart mirrors that offer additional features. Using bluetooth technology, you can seamlessly connect your phone and immerse yourself in your favourite playlist through the mirror’s in-built speakers.

4. Mounting Options

Consider how you want your LED mirror to be mounted. Some mirrors are designed for vertical mounting, ideal for narrow walls or smaller vanities. Others are horizontal, suitable for wider spaces. Additionally, some mirrors offer the flexibility to be mounted either way. Choose a mounting option that complements the layout of your bathroom.

5. Energy Efficiency

LED technology is renowned for its energy efficiency. LEDs with advanced technology can work anywhere between 10,000 to 50,0001 hours while the average incandescent lighting lasts around 10002 hours. LED lights not only have a longer lifespan but also boast an impressive energy conversion rate of 95%, generating light efficiently. In contrast, incandescent bulbs tend to produce a significant amount of heat, rendering them less efficient in comparison.

Consider the environmental impact and long-term savings on energy bills by opting for an LED mirror that is both stylish and energy-conscious. Look for mirrors with high energy efficiency ratings to ensure that your bathroom remains eco-friendly without compromising on brilliance.

6. Set a Budget

LED mirrors come in a wide range of price points. Generally, the price tag increases with the size and included features. Establish a budget before you start your search, keeping in mind that while LED mirrors may have a higher upfront cost, their energy efficiency and longevity often result in cost savings over time. Consider the investment as a long-term enhancement to your bathroom rather than a short-lived accessory.

Remer BLANCA LED Shaving Cabinet

Photo: Remer BLANCA LED Shaving Cabinet

7. Cabinet Mirrors

Opting for an SAA-approved intelligent shaving bathroom cabinet becomes a fitting solution if your bathroom lacks sufficient storage. Models with LED lighting integrated into the cabinet provides bright and even illumination. Recessed cabinets contribute to a sleek and modern look. They create a clean and seamless appearance as they sit flush with the wall, avoiding any protrusions. Furthermore, many cabinets come with adjustable shelves and storage options, allowing you to customise the interior to suit your specific needs. Some models may also offer features like built-in electrical outlets or USB ports. When selecting a cabinet mirror, it's essential to ensure you have adequate space to mount the smart shaving cabinet with a mirror without interfering with nearby doors.


Choosing the right LED mirror for your bathroom is a blend of practical considerations and aesthetic preferences. By understanding the unique needs of your space, considering the size, design, lighting requirements, and exploring additional features, you can transform your bathroom into a well-lit sanctuary that reflects both your style and functionality.

At Mirror Space, we have an extensive selection of LED mirrors and shaving cabinets sourced from reputable Australian suppliers and manufacturers. Our collection encompasses diverse styles, shapes, and sizes, catering to a variety of preferences and requirements. Additionally, we specialise in crafting custom LED mirrors, tailoring them to fit most sizes, and offering various feature-set customisation options to align with your unique preferences and style. Discover the perfect blend of quality and customisation at Mirror Space for your bathroom mirror needs.



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