Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Mirror for Any Space

Mirrors are a great addition to any home – they instantly make a room feel brighter and bigger and are the perfect statement piece to elevate any space.

However, there’s a lot to consider when deciding on a mirror: shape, size, material and style. Read on for how you can find the fairest mirror of them all.

✨Which Room or Space is the Mirror for?✨

Living Room

Living room mirrors are largely decorative, designed to add impact to any space. Wall mirrors help to accentuate a specific corner or feature space, such as a display cabinet, console table or mantelpiece. If you have the space, go for an oversized floor mirror! This will create a focal point of your room and add interest to any dull-looking wall.

Placement tips:

  • When placed opposite a window, the mirror brings more natural light into the room. Positioning the mirror near a light fixture will achieve the same effect
  • Be sure to place the mirror opposite an attractive feature you’d like to see reflected back to boost your room’s appeal
  • If placed above a piece of furniture e.g. a side table, select a mirror that is smaller in width for a nicely balanced look


Dining Room

If your dining room is feeling a little enclosed or cramped, a large full-length mirror is a great option to give it more light, space and dimension.

Alternatively, a centre-piece wall mirror can help create your desired ambience for an enjoyable dining experience.

Hallway / Entryway

Want one last outfit check before you leave the house? A hallway mirror near your front door is just want you need. It also serves to add a welcoming touch to your home – an easy way to land a great first impression upon your visiting guests!


Our waking hours in the bedroom are mostly spent getting dressed or undressed. Depending on your personal preference, you can opt for a full-length mirror, a leaner mirror, dressing mirror and more. For all the ladies out there, a Hollywood vanity mirror is a sleek and stylish addition to your beauty routine - and when paired with a matching vanity table, it’ll make getting ready feel like a dream!


There are many types of bathroom mirrors you can pick from depending on the functionality you desire. Since bathrooms lend itself to a bit of humidity, bathroom grade mirrors are preferred to avoid mould, rust and other unwanted elements. When looking at a mirror online, you should be able to tell if it is bathroom grade or not. Below are a few things to look for:

  • Mentions of “Bath Rated”
  • Shatterproof
  • Plated, not painted
  • Easy hanging method

Vanity mirrors

Most typically found in households this type of mirror is hung above the sink / basin area. They can either be a large single wall mirror or twin pairing over a double sink in a large bathroom.

Cabinet mirrors

Lacking counter space for all your essential toiletries? A cabinet mirror offers additional storage space keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy.

Ledge mirrors

This type of mirror comes with a ledge at the bottom, typically used as a decorative space to place a pot plant, vase, or for easy access to toiletries you use daily.

LED illuminated / backlit mirrors

If your bathroom is lacking natural light, a LED illuminated mirror will do the trick. Not only do they look great, they also provide a soft and balanced glow to accompany your grooming routine – some even come with motion sensors, bluetooth connectivity, colour adjustment settings and a defogging function!




✨Find A Shape That Works For You✨

Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, so don’t be afraid to explore unconventional selections for added personality and flair to any room.

The Soft but Striking Round Mirror

In more angular spaces with linear or blocky furniture, a round mirror is a great contrasting element that softens the room with its organic shape.

The Traditional Yet Versatile Rectangular or Square Mirror

A rectangular mirror helps create the illusion of more space in a room and pairs well with large-scale furniture. To achieve the maximum effect, opt for the grandiose full walled mirror to really make a statement.

Add A Little Drama with an Arched Mirror

Want to add a bit of personality to a room without reinventing the wheel? An arched mirror is a fun way to mix things up. This type of mirror is an elegant addition to any interior and also creates the illusion of a higher ceiling.



It’s All About Style

Modern Minimalism

To compliment any contemporary home, a mirror with simple, geometric lines with a slick black, or white frame. For an even more minimalistic and clean look, go for a frameless mirror to compliment your aesthetic.


For those looking to achieve a rustic or cottage vibe, mirrors with a distressed wooden frame and natural or rougher edges to complete your look.


For the perfect beachy mirror, go for a mirrors made from materials like rattan, wicker or beach wood to achieve a natural nautical look. To feel like you’re really at the beach, go for mirrors framed in rope or seashells for that cozy beach vibe right at home.

Industrial / farmhouse

Industrial mirrors are characterised by austerity and simple form, usually made from raw materials like silver, copper and other metals in neutral colours. This type of mirror goes amazingly well against a brick or concrete wall to recreate the lofty look of warehouses, factories and other industrial edifices.